Lily Ear Flap Hat

I realise I haven't posted on this blog all year. And I didn't specifically plan to, since I'll be finishing my Masters this year, so, you know, busy busy. But I was writing this design on my iPad anyway, so I thought I'd copy and paste it to my blog.

I whipped up this beanie for my eight year old niece. She loves hats, apparently. The yarn I used is now discontinued. To get a similar effect, I think it'd be cool to use a handspun yarn. I would suggest a 10- or 12-ply weight (Aran or bulky) singles, either plied or core spun with sewing thread. 

This hat is pretty stretchy, so will fit most kids. I got it on my larger-than-average-for-a-female adult head, but it's a little short for a grown up. All you'd have to do to make it fit an adult would be to make the section worked even in stocking stitch continue for longer (maybe about 7 inches instead of 5). While the hat I made used a fancy crimpy yarn, this is a pretty standard pattern and almost any yarn would work.

This pattern uses short rows to create the ear flaps, and it is all knitted in one piece. The ear flaps are in garter stitch, while the rest of the hat is in stocking stitch. Because all the non-short-row bits are knitted in the round, there are no purl stitches in this pattern.

You are welcome to knit this hat for loved ones, and to sell items made using this pattern. Please do not reproduce and sell the pattern itself.

Apologies for the low quality iPad photos.

Lily Ear Flap Hat

Needles: 4mm dpns
Notions: darning needle, scissors/yarn cutter.
Yarn: two balls of Panda Rhumba.
Tension: 20 stitches per 10cm in stocking stitch.

Co 66 stitches. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist.
Ear flaps (worked back and forth):
Row 1: k9, turn
Row 2: k3, turn
Row 3: k4, turn
Row 4: k5, turn
Row 5: k6, turn
Row 6: k7, turn
Row 7: k8, turn
Row 8: k9, turn
Row 9: k10, turn
Row 10: k11, turn
Row 11: k12, turn
Row 12: k13, turn
Row 13: k14, turn
Row 14: k15, turn
Row 15: k16, turn
Row 16: k42, turn
Rows 17-30: repeat rows 2-15.
From the next row onwards, you will be knitting in the round in stocking stitch (knit all stitches). 
Continue knitting in the round in stocking stitch until the piece measures 13cm (5 inches) not including ear flaps.
Decrease for crown:
Round 1: [k4, k2tog] to end
Rounds 2, 4, 6, and 8: k all stitches
Round 3: [k3, k2tog] to end
Round 5: [k2, k2tog] to end
Round 7: [k1, k2tog] to end
Round 9: [k2tog] to end
Round 10: [k2tog] 5 times, k1. 6 stitches remaining.
Break yarn, leaving a 20cm tail. Thread tail onto darning needle. Pass needle through remaining live stitches and pull tight. Weave in all ends. Ta da!