I'm still sad about my rabbit. It's hard to grieve when you're away from the creature who has died. I've usually found the death of a pet to be much easier to handle than the death of a person, which is logical, and I assumed it was because I value my human relationships more than those I have with animals (that's the fashion, anyway). But when I was 17 and our first dog -- my brother's -- died after 12 years on earth and a brief but tough illness, we told my brother, who was living in another state. He decided to drive the 8 hours to our place to bury her. With the time it took to organise his trip back and drive down, it was a couple of nights with Bouncer's body above ground before we buried her. I found that death as hard as losing a human family member until we buried her. Even six years later as I write this, I've got tears in my eyes. Bouncer's death reminds me that I won't fully believe Coal is dead until I see his empty hutch and the disturbed soil where my dad buried him, next to my dear dog Donny.

Sorry for the downer. I didn't even mean to write that. This was meant to be a fun post. Switching gears.

I forgot to mention that I did a fun project just before I went back to visit Adelaide. You see, one of my housemates was leaving Tasmania for her home in Canada after six months. I definitely knew I wanted to knit her something as a going away present, and I definitely knew I wanted to knit her something Australiana-y. A few weeks before leaving, she went to Sydney and came back with a kangaroo onesie, and I had my answer. By modifying this pattern, I made her a pair of kangaroo mittens! She's from Canada, you see, so your hands freeze off if you don't wear mittens. If you're a member of Ravelry, I've posted my pattern modifications on here. And here is a picture of the mittens (apologies for the mess):

Peace out,

The Knitted Kitten