Alas and Alack! My Knitting is Waiting!

It is a public holiday today. ANZAC Day (shout out to my brother in the navy even though he definitely won't read this). I'm taking a short break from homework which I will be doing all day so that I can have a quick snack. My knitting has gone neglected for a couple of days out of sheer lack of time. Here is a melodramatic poem about it:

Oh, my knitting!
You sit on the shelf above me,
A half finished sheep with no face.
You are so near to me,
I could reach out and touch you,
You are so dear to me,
Kitchener-stitched to my heart.
But you are so far from me!
Oh, so far!
For my homework forbids me
From an extended time of bliss
From the first purl, I am well aware
That our meetings are brief.
The parting is so hard
That I rarely take you up,
Though I wish to so much.
I can therefore only wait
Until the semester draws to an end
And I can pick you up again
And give the sheep a face.