I'm Back!

(Scene: January 1st, 2013. Me, laying on the couch knitting. Mum walks in and starts sweeping)

Mum: What are you doing?
Me: Making a sheep.
Mum: Mmm. * nods, continues sweeping*

Yep, it's now a normal thing for me to be doing something that doesn't make sense. I was knitting this sheep, actually, as a present for all the future little children who will go to my current church. More on that later.

First things first: Happy New Year! I rang in the New Year with friends, lighting sparkler bombs, playing ginger beer pong and knitting the straps for a baby dress. And this year has already been an eventful one for me; I got a haircut for the first time in two years. Just a trim, mind you, but I do miss those straggly couple of inches off the bottom of my mop. I hope everyone reading this had a great time last night. And we’ll tak a right gude-willy waught, for auld lang syne.

Secondly, I have neglected my blog since my post about Sweden. Since that post, a lot has happened.

My sister and I finished our matching bags. Ta-da!

 Aren't they cute? Just like us.

I spent two weeks in Sweden with my sister and her partner whom she is allowed to keep because he is nice to her, then I headed down to Amsterdam for a layover. The Schiphol airport is pretty fantastic, except for the fact that I was separated from my knitting. However, I did stay in the Hilton by the airport and got my room upgraded and had a delicious buffet breakfast to see me off back East. Here is the Knitted Kitten's version of events:

 Parachuting sparkly moose or something at the Amsterdam airport
 Sparkly plane at the Amsterdam airport
 The Knitted Kitten and the Hilton bath robe I wore which made me miss my fluffy bathrobe back home

Also, don't go down the stairs in Holland. It's a trap!

I then left the Netherlands, and after a long flight and then an extremely brief stopover in Singapore, I finally took a plane home to Adelaide. Woop! It's always good to be home.

Since getting home, though, I've had quite a time. Knitting-wise, look forward to two new patterns from me in the coming whenever-it-is-that-I-get-around-to-posting-them! In fact, one of them is crochet, who would have thought? I'm sure you never thought about it, but I'm not that big on crochet, it confuses me.

Non-knitting-wise, I'm moving to Tasmania!!! I'm pretty excited, I'll be doing my Masters to become a Clinical Psychologist! It also means I'll have to make some big decisions about the amount of yarn and fleece I will bring, and whether to transport my spinning wheel or to buy one there. Also, I have to find a house and stuff.

So, the thing about the sheep is that, it was Christmas last week. My brother's wife and kids came to visit from Melbourne and it was awesome fun. I miss you, come back soon! Also at Christmas time, for the last four years, I've helped the kids at my Parish put on a Nativity play. The kids appear to love it, though I don't fully grasp how being literally wrapped in bedsheets and scraps of material as costumes is that appealing, but it seems to work. The past few years, we've had a sheep statue lying around which the shepherds used as a prop. For some reason, we couldn't find the sheep this year, so I thought we'd do without. Then on the night, Christmas Eve, the little one who was playing the star came with her new white stuffed unicorn, and her big sisters thought it would make a fine sheep. "Why not?" I thought. The wise man is a girl and the shepherds have torn up fitted sheets on their heads, why not a unicorn-sheep? So we wrapped a bit of white fabric around the unicorn's horn to hide it and we had a sheep. Next year, though, I will presumably be busy and on a different mass of land in the lead-up to Christmas so will no longer be doing the Nativity play thing. There are plans for the tradition to continue though. I thought a nice parting gift to the future biblical players would be a nice knitted sheep prop. I started it today, and I'm enjoying learning the loop stitch, which is required for the pattern. Time consuming but effective.

So then, Happy New Year 2013, let's hope there are many more yarn adventures in your year and mine!


The Knitted Kitten