To Paris with Knitting Needles

I've jumped the pond, as it were, and I am now in gay Paris, taking a few days to look around. I arrived yesterday evening, so today was my first chance to spend any meaningful time enjoying the city. I went to Montmartre today. There were three things on my list for Montmartre: the Sacre-coeur Basilica, to see the outside of the Moulin Rouge, and to get my portrait drawn by a street artist. In actuality, I've stayed in Paris before, so I've seen the Basilica and the Moulin Rouge, but it was nice to see them again. The Knitted Kitten enjoyed Sacre-coeur, by the looks of her face.

I also got my portrait done by a street artist. Last time I went to Paris, some other people I was with got their portraits done. They looked really good, but nothing like the people they were meant to represent. It seemed like a really nice idea though, so I decided to do that this time around. I've made a point never to put my face on this blog. As much as I am great, this blog is (usually) dedicated to knitting, not how great I am. But this portrait looks sufficiently absolutely nothing like me in any way whatsoever, so here, take a look at my portrait!

My planned outing today only took up half the day. I might go shopping this afternoon, but for now, I think I'll kick back and get to knitting the baby beanie I started at my auntie's place the day before I left. It will be a cupcake hat, but for now, it looks like this:

The pattern I am using is this one:

I adapted the pattern to be knitted flat, because I lost a dpn and the circular needle I have is too short for magic loop.

A bientot,

The Knitted Kitten