Saxon Holiday

Dear blog reader (singular as there's roughly one of you),
Here I am in England, on the first leg of my European holiday. As promised, I've taken along The Knitted Kitten to help document my travels, even though my holiday really has nothing to do with knitting. As you'll read, while my purposes for traveling aren't to do with knitting, still, knit happens.

I have found the actual flying a challenge as international flights don't let you bring knitting needles on the plane. So, I had to be a normal person and read or play games on my iPad. By the way. A tablet computer is great for travelling knitters, as you can store patterns on them and use row-counting apps. I have a few knitting projects prepared for this trip, and I'll introduce them to you in good time.

I departed Adelaide, South Australia. for Singapore. I've been to Singapore plenty of times for stopovers and I do love the airport. I spent some time In the butterfly house and looking around the shops there. While my knitting was on its way to my next destination, I did bring my little knitted friend along in my hand carry. Here she is, enjoying herself on the first leg of the journey:
The Knitted Kitten waiting with me at the Adelaide International Airport, resting on the stole I knitted for this trip (which has proven itself practical and oh-so-stylish)
The Knitted Kitten at theAdelaide Airport, with my plane in the background. The Kitten enjoyed remaining crammed in my satchel while I played games on my iPad and ate airline food on the way to Singapore.

At Changi Airport in Singapore 
My first holiday destination is where I am now: Suffolk and Cambridge, England. I'm staying with my auntie and her furry children (they are animals, not very hairy human children). For the first few days we were also babysitting some other fur kids. Here is The Knitted Kitten hanging out with one of our visitors:

I've spent a lot of time around Cambridge doing stuff that's unrelated to knitting, and while it's been wonderful and I love it, this is a knitting blog. Therefore,I was very pleased today to come across something to do with knitting that I wanted to share with you. My auntie and I went to Lavenham, a beautiful little village in Suffolk full of wonky houses. On the way to get a coffee, I found this shop,
cafe knit:

Cafe knit is a really nice little cafe/yarn shop. It had a good range of Debbie Bliss yarns and some other nice ones too, and even some handspun. I was soooo tempted. I got away lightly, buying my first stitch markers that aren't safety pins or scraps of yarn. I really enjoyed pottering around in there with my auntie, who also knits.