Purlin the Magician

I'm back in Suffolk after a very long day of doing touristy things.

As I had been in Devon, it only seemed right that I have a proper Devonshire cream tea before leaving. So, we stopped in a town called Honiton and found a gorgeous little tea room which was indeed called The Tea Roon, where we had a cream tea. Clotted cream tastes better than it sounds.
We then went on to Wiltshire, where The Knitted Kitten and I found this curious structure:

I did enjoy Stonehenge, and I liked the audio guide which features British people explaining the amazing feats involved in Stonehenge's construction, plus fanciful explanations for its existence involving Merlin, the devil and aliens.

In the gift shop, I found this funny little hat. It's crocheted and probably mass-produced, but I do appreciate the bobbles and quirkiness so I thought it deserved a mention on this blog. I saw a few people sporting these at the carpark as we were leaving.

After this, we visited Bath and the ancient Uffington White Horse, which is a huge horse illustration on the landscape made from trenches filled with chalk (look it up). This bit is unrelated to knitting, but I like baths and horses.

Peace out,

The Knitted Kitten