London Purling

Since my last post, I've spent a couple of days in old London town, being a tourist. And The Knitted Kitten came long for the ride, seen here on the London Eye:

I of course made the usual calls to the Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, et cetera, et cetera. But because of the theme of my blog, I'll just give you some textile highlights.

The highlights all come from St Margaret's church. This church is on the same grounds as Westminster Abbey. At first I was like, "why would there be an Abbey and a church right next to each other?". But then I learned of the ridiculously large admission fee to the Abbey so I was glad to have a look at the church. Well, St. Margaret's is a gorgeous old church. I spotted these cute little kneelers which appear to be cross-stitched. I actually tend not to use kneelers at church but when they're squishy they're alright.

Right now, as well as knitting a scarf, I'm slowly making my way through a Celtic cross cross-stitch, so it was nice to see these.

Also at the church, there were these beautiful wall hangings which I really liked:

So there you go. I know these aren't knitting, but since I've become serious about knitting, I've developed a lot of respect for all genres of textiles and art in general.

Peace out,
The Knitted Kitten