I went to St Tiggywinkles today. It's an animal hospital in Haddenham, England, which has a hedgehog museum in it. The place is fantastic, and it's a wildlife park, too, where you can walk around and see the animals they are looking after (both temporary and permanent residents).

Like a lot of Australians, I think, I'm fascinated by animals that we don't have at home. This includes hedgehogs, squirrels and badgers. They had badgers, but I think they were all asleep because none came out to see us. I did see baby hedgehogs in the baby animal hospital section, and some adorable baby squirrels and birds.

The hedgehog museum was interesting, and is why I'm writing this post in my blog, which is a knitting blog. As well as learning that urchin means hedgehog, I learned of this knitting pattern:

And they had the pattern for sale! So, what else could I do but buy it? And with me used to getting patterns for free on Ravelry or from borrowed library books, at £2.50, I'm definitely going to make it. I might change the design a little bit though, who wears striped jumpers anymore?