Versatile Blogger Award

Today I got a happy surprise when I opened my emails. I had been nominated for a "Versatile Blogger Award" by the lovely blogger at Honourable Mentions. Her blog details her descent into madness, also known as psychology Honours (and now into Clinical PhD - congratulations!). So firstly, I'd like to say thanks very much! Secondly, I'd like to make some nominations myself :)

I hadn't heard of the Versatile Blogger Awards until about twenty minutes ago, but they're awesome! Here are the rules (I've seen a few different versions of the rules, but here is one version):

1. Thank the nominator on your blog and post a link to them.
2. Post links to 15 other blogs you read and enjoy.
3. Post a comment on the blogs you nominated to let them know.
4. Describe 7 things about yourself

So here we go:
1. Thank You!
Thank you again to for the props!

2. Other blogs
Because I'm new to blogs, I can honestly say that I don't read 15 blogs, but here are a few that have tickled my fancy. - because I'd love to be the matriarch of a happy family where faith is at its centre, one day - Has an amazing, vibrant forum full of very helpful gardeners! - Inspiring young people and heroes to babies - For all my self-sufficiency inspiration - She is indeed a short short zucchini - Whose pattern I used for my award-winning beanie - This wee wee courgette shares my pain of the Honours year

4. 7 things About Myself (My favourite rule!)
            1. I'm the youngest in the family
            2. Je parle fran├žais
            3. I have a mole on the side of my right foot, matching one on my mother's foot.
            4. I share my bed with at least one cat most nights
            5. I drive a white car
            6. Vegetarianism runs in my family (as does knitting)
            7. I play the piano and violin