Copy Kat

Evening, peeps. It has been a long time, hasn't it? Well I hope to blog more often from now on, as I have a year off of studying, so I plan to start an Etsy shop! But this post isn't about that, this post is about my newest knitting adventure!

I visited my darling niece and nephew over Christmas and my sister-in-law asked me to knit a copy of a hoodie my niece loves but is growing out of. This sounds to me like awesome fun. I decided to share my adventure in duplicating a jumper for a few reasons. Firstly, I hope it is interesting. Secondly, I hope it gives people some tips and inspiration in trying to imitate their own favourite styles. Thirdly, I'm sure my failures will be amusing to readers.

So let me introduce you to the original jumper. Ta-da:
As you can see, it's very cute. The first stage of the process was finding yarn. The original pattern is made in an acrylic yarn, so that was what I was looking for. While I was up in the big smoke to visit the family, I lost my mum in the middle of town and found a craft shop. Despite all the shopping I had already done on that trip and the luggage weight limit, I could NOT resist the unusually cheap Polly yarn at Lincraft. I bought 12 balls of yarn that day. 6 different colours. Despite the huge amount of yarn, the observant of you will notice that the jumper I'm replicating is made of 7 colours. Well, well, well. A few days ago, back home, I received a $10 voucher from Spotlight (VIP membership. worth it.). Of course I promptly headed to my local shop and went nuts, spending 10 cents after the voucher (that's right, I'm a big spender). SO MUCH STUFF was at clearance prices, so I managed to get, among other things, two balls of acrylic yarn in a very pale pink, which was perfect as the final colour for the jumper.

The next stage was finding a pattern, preferably a free one. The design feature I was most worried about was the ribbed edging around the hood, and the way it overlaps to button at the front. Therefore, when I was looking for a pattern upon which to base my version of this jumper, this was the feature I most wanted instructions for. I decided upon using this pattern as a model for my niece's jumper. Of course I will need to change my jumper a lot in order to make it match the original. I have now printed out a photo of my niece's jumper and the pattern. Now for the fun part. I'll let you know how it goes. Peace out,

The Knitted Kitten