Spiritual Reflection on Knitting

As well as being a proud knitter and a proud vegetarian, the Knitted Kitten is a proud Catholic.  Whatever your spiritual views, I hope you'll read and appreciate my reflection on knitting.

I wrote this in my prayer book while I was planning a lesson for children who were preparing for the sacrament of confirmation.  The lesson was on being a thoughtful and prayerful person and I wanted to show the kids that you could find prayer in anything, so I wrote a prayer (more of a reflection, really) about knitting, and I asked them in the lesson to write a prayer about something in which they found joy.  So here is my reflection, it's no great piece of literature but I hope you'll appreciate its sentiments.

I sit on the bus, knitting
People are coming on and off, but they don't distract me.
I am busy.
I am so proud that I can take
a piece of string and turn it
into a scarf, or a hat,
or a teddy bear.
I am creating with wool like God
created me, the stars
and the trees from tiny atoms.
God created the sheep that made this wool.  He created
all the other people on the bus and the sun shining
through the window.  I am
proud to make a sock, but
God created everything.

Do you find wonder and amazement in things you do?  I sometimes reflect in awe at the fact that I can read.  When I wrote this reflection I was making my first ever sock and I was so amazed with myself that I could make something so complicated from a piece of string, which at the same time was so basic and simple.  Even if you're not spiritual or religious, I think you can see where I'm coming from.

The Knitted Kitten